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Making His Point

7 Dec

As I’ve mentioned before, we generally keep our dog on a 40 foot wire, with a 30 foot line. This gives him plenty of space to run; he can reach the kitchen door, but cannot get as far as the barn, or the spot where we feed the foxes.  Almost every night, he will convince me there’s something out back that needs barking at, usually deer or the foxes.  I’ve seen the foxes sit down, just out of his reach, while the poor dog dashes back and forth in frustration, and I swear I can hear them laughing.

Last night, Blazer went racing out with his rope already tangled around the tree (I need to keep an eye on that), and pulled the hook clean off the end.  This morning, I had to let him out without tying him – always a risk, but I figured he wouldn’t go far on an empty stomach, and he didn’t. Pretty much out and back. The Squire replaced the hook after he had eaten his breakfast.

A little while ago, The Squire took the compost out for me and came back chuckling.

It seems that while Blazer was out taking care of business, he left a “message” in the foxes’ dish.

The Ravens are Playing!

1 Dec

??????????Came downstairs this morning to see these guys in the front yard. “Cronk! Cronk!” I don’t know if they were annoyed that the squirrels and blue jays had eaten all the peanuts, but they did try some of the dog food I put out for the jays.

They are about two feet tall, about twice the size of a crow, about twice as loud, and very glossy.  They don’t sound at all like a crow, but unless you see them together it’s hard to tell one from another.