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The Atta Boy Card

5 May

I worked yesterday, and came home to find The Squire had hung up and taken down the wash, folded it and put most of it away. He had also found a recipe for a zucchini quiche, picked up the ingredients when he went to the Y to work out, and had dinner ready when I came home.

He had also cut a bouquet of lilacs and crab apple blossoms for the table.

That man got so many punches in his Atta Boy card, he’s going to need a new one. As my sister used to say, “I’m going to let him keep me.”

Good Morning, Mom!

3 May

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We had a visitor very early this morning.   We’ve been feeding this momma fox at night out by the barn for eons, but this morning she came down to the house to see if there was anything available. After checking out the birdseed situation, she settled down on the far side of the walk, probably hoping a squirrel would wander in her direction.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen The Squire went out to put down food for her, she bolted, so he carried it back to the barn, which is probably wiser in the long run. We were simply delighted to have her stop for a visit, but we don’t want to have the really wild critters, such a raccoons and foxes, become accustomed to coming so close to houses. Not everybody is as kindly disposed to wildlife as we are.

She is very easy to recognize, as the tip of her tail is missing, and she is obviously lactating, which may explain her hunger. The Cherokee word for fox is tsu-li, so she has become “Julie”.

Speaking of wildlife – today was the rabies clinic up at the fire hall. We put Eddie in the crate, which pleased him no end, let me tell you, and Blazer hopped into the back of the KIA.

“We’re going for a ride! We’re going of Poppa’s car! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!  Where are we going? Who cares?”

He behaved beautifully at the clinic, visiting with all of the people and other dogs, but Eddie set up a yowl I could hear from half a block away. Well, that’s over for another three years, and at $8 a pop, it’s a genuine bargain.

Especially since we don’t know if Julie is just hungry or possibly rabid. She runs away when she sees us, doesn’t stagger, and is not aggressive, but taking a chance is insanity.

Timing is Everything

1 May

Yesterday, we paid almost $500 to have a tree taken down. Today, the telephone company was trimming trees on the other side of the road, and told The Squire they would have been more than willing to take down our tree, as it was probably tall enough to have presented a hazard if it had fallen across the road.

He didn’t bother to ask them about the River Birch in the middle of the yard.