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That’s a New One

19 Mar

While I was waiting in the doctor’s office this afternoon, I overheard a conversation between one of the receptionists and another patient.

“Ma’am, do you have your new Medicare Card?”

“This is my card.”

“No, there’s a new one that doesn’t have your Social Security number on it.”

“Oh, that. I got it and tore it up. They’re only using those for illegal immigrants who don’t have a Social Security number. I’m a citizen so I just use the real card.”

I could almost hear the receptionist rolling her eyes.

Highway Robbery

7 Mar

I found this photo of my dad a while ago. I have no idea when it was taken or by whom, but it is lovely. It shows his spirit and his joy in so many ways. I found a nice square frame, and made a mat out of a piece of five-inch cardboard with a three inch circle in the middle.  I took my sample to one of the Big Craft Stores yesterday afternoon.

“Can you make this up in red for me? Do you have something to match the color of his stole?”

ERMP-glowThe clerk allowed as how they not only didn’t have a small red piece of mat board, but they couldn’t do round cuts. That would have to come from their supplier. The cost? Well, I’d have to buy the entire sheet of board, and then there’s the cost of cutting it and shipping it, and, oh, probably $30 or so.

Good Grief! Great Coogamooga! And so forth and so on. I’ll find me a bit of red construction paper or card stock and take it from there! I love ya, Daddy, but for cryin’ out loud. . .exorbitant doesn’t begin to cover it.

Back to St. Alban’s

6 Mar

Resurrection isn’t having their Ash Wednesday service today until 6 PM, so I trotted up to St. Alban’s for my annual visitation. Again, it is so soothing to have the words of the 1928 BCP wash over my soul!  I can tolerate the new Rite I, but our current Priest in Charge has announced he will be doing Rite II and Prayer D during the Easter season. If I want to do penance, I’ll have it before Easter, not after, THANK you very much.

Ahem.  Where was I?

Ah. In spite of all the things I like about that little church, I had to take the rector to task over his sermon, which was primarily about the “nonsense” of Ashes to Go. I asked him to take a look at the congregation he had this morning: retires, younger women and two school aged children. There’s not a church – of any denomination – in the area that has an early morning service. If you are a working adult, or even a high school student – it’s either Ashes to Go, or nothing at all. “You don’t know what’s in people’s hearts. If they didn’t know what they are about, they would even want ashes.” 

Here endeth the sermon.



Going to Australia

3 Mar

AustraliaMy dad’s grandfather was a Scots Presbyterian domini who went to Australia to serve the convict population there. He developed a bad habit of going after reluctant converts with an axe, and they had to lock him up. As you can imagine, Daddy took a fair amount of teasing when he decided to go to seminary himself.