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Memorial Day . . .

30 May

. . . is not about used car sales.

The Sad Tale of Golly and the Bumbershoot

13 May

It poured rain all day yesterday. Sheets of rain, and then it would rain ever HARDER. Golly absolutely refused to step foot off the carport, wandering listlessly from one side to the other. I couldn’t convince the poor puppy that it was actually raining on all three sides. He obviously had to “go”, as he was farting like a tea kettle, but he flat out would NOT step out into the yard.

The Squire opened the van and grabbed an umbrella, which I opened. Golly immediately leapt into the back of the van and refused to come out, not even with treats. I finally had to close the umbrella, just to get him out of the vehicle. I took hold of his leash, dragged him out into the yard, and raised the umbrella again.

The fool dog jumped up and grabbed the umbrella, trying to pull it down and destroy it! I’m five-six, and obviously had the umbrella above my head, so this was a pretty good leap.

We completed our perambulations without the bumbershoot.