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I Hab a Code.

28 Jan

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have come down with a cold, and it is a doozy.  I am extremely annoyed, and taking it all very personally, while my long-suffering friends, who have colds come and go, are probably secretly snickering behind my back.  I called my BFF to tell her I wouldn’t be at knitting tonight, and she asked me what I was taking for it. “I dunno. What are you offering?” If she could have reached me through the phone, she probably would have smacked me.

The Squire ran over to Joppatowne twice this morning, once to get me some Mucinex , and again to pick up some library books. He really is a saint.

I rummaged around in the closet and found some Vick’s, which may have belonged to my grandmother. At any rate, it wasn’t much help. I tried to take a nap, but couldn’t breathe anyway. Occupied myself with a good book, some tea, and a bowl of egg drop soup.

Of course, I would probably get better faster if I didn’t send half my time reaching out the window in sub-freezing weather to hand feed squirrels. We have one who is a great bully, trying to hog all of the peanuts I put on the kitchen window sill, but – like most bullies – he is also a coward, so when I open the window he runs away, but the other squirrels come up to take a peanut from my fingers. They sort of line up, grab a nut and scoot, and the next critter waits until I push a peanut out the window.  Neat! I love it!

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

24 Jan

Well, winter has arrived with a bang! Last night, it went down to 5 F (about 20 below C) with snow flurries all night long. I had to go to the library, and my hands were so cold I couldn’t even sign my name. And yes, I was wearing a coat in the car – and wool gloves.

We had a visitor in the back yard this afternoon. Eagle This is a young eagle – not sure what kind – eating a mourning dove he(?) had just clipped in mid-air.  He certainly looks well fed, at any rate.

Our pond is frozen solid on the far end. The pond is fed by the overflow from our well, and runs into the stream below the house, so this side never freezes. I’d be tempted to drag out my skates, but it’s not worth risking my life, or listening to the (well deserved) dressing down I’d get after The Squire pulled me out of the water.

It’s 28 F now and supposed to go way down tonight. Brrr.

She’s Not Done Yet

18 Jan


Yesterday, I received a check from my mom’s insurance company, and a notice that she had $144.57 in taxable income last year. Today, I got a notice from her bank that her account had earned $29.90 in interest last year. Now, it’s probably going to cost me more to have H&R Block file the bloody paper work, than she theoretically earned.

All this for 174.47.

I swear, the woman is more trouble dead than alive.

Wild Life

9 Jan

For the last week or so, we’ve been hearing an animal bark at night that neither of us could identify. When The Squire came home from Vestry last night, he spotted a coyote sitting at the top of the drive. I think Sir Edmund’s late night strolls have come to an end. Wild coyotes and tame cats do not make a good combination.

Not sure yet what to do. I suppose we can call the county and have it relocated to a state park north of us.

Just Stop Right Here.

6 Jan

Sometimes it can be very obvious that God is looking out for me.

Last night, we had a Twelfth Night Celebration at church, and I took a plate full of food scraps out to feed a fox who has a den in the woods behind the building.  There was enough light from the windows for me to skirt the herb garden, go along the edge of the Colonial church and around the back side of it, and then walk across the yard. I finally decided to put the dish down “right here”.  As I bent over, the plate hit a huge branch. Had I taken one more step, I would have fallen, a good distance from the building, in the dark, out of sight and out of hearing. Just stop right here.

A few years ago, The Squire and I were coming home and I was driving, as he doesn’t like a stick shift. It was late for us and I leaned back in the seat to close my eyes “for just a few seconds”. The Squire asked me when I was going to go ahead. “The light’s been green for a while.” Just as I slipped my car into drive, another vehicle came roaring up Route 40, doing at least 100 mph. It sounded like a low-flying airplane!  Obviously ran a light that had been red for some time, and if I had pulled out when I had the green, there would have been a fireball. Just stop right here.

Way back when, before we had “right on red” laws, I was sitting at a stop light, chatting with my girl friend. We were looking at each other, and she happened to glance up and saw we had the green light. Again, as I started out, a car full of joy-riding teenagers sailed past. The car behind us was an unmarked police car, and he whipped around me, turned on the siren, and didn’t catch up with the kids for about a half mile. Had I pulled into traffic when I had the green light, it would have been a horrible disaster.

Just stop right here.

Sing an old Song

2 Jan

If I don’t post before 7 PM, things show up as tomorrow, instead of today.

Off to a funeral this morning for the husband of an old friend. This was a case of death really being a blessing, with even the deceased asking the doctors to stop poking and prodding and let him go home to die.( A friend says I attend more funerals than anybody she knows, but she’s not as old as I am.) I am a vegetarian, so it was slim pickings at the reception. I don’t expect the world to revolve around me, but there’s usually a cheese tray, at the very least. How much protein is in a cannoli?

As long as I’m out, might as well make a day of it. Stopped to buy bird seed, and ran up to Eldest Daughter’s home to trade some stuff around. They have a burglar alarm, but haven’t used it in years, and I had no recollection of the code. Finally found Granddaughter’s phone number and called her at work to ask how to turn off the bloody alarm, with it wa-wa-wa-ing in my ear. Sure sounded good when it stopped, I’ll tell you that!  “Is this thing connected to the police?” “No, it’s just there to scare you. How’s it working?” Just fiiiine, thank you very much.

Returned some books to the library, and – of course – came out with more than I took in. At some point, I’m going to simply set up a cot in the back room and be done with it. Swung by my BFF to return a handicapped bathroom seat the Godson’s mother had borrowed, had a cheese sandwich and a cuppa, and we solved most of the world’s problems in the two hours I was there.

One more stop to drop off the vases at the florist for church, and then grabbed a cup of decadent coffee at Sheetz. Really, they have The Best coffee, and it’s only a dollar for a small one, if you have a card.

When I finally got home, I filled in The Squire on my day, and then couldn’t find the book I had brought out of the car. “I saw you with the coffee. Are you sure you didn’t drink the book?”

When I was a kid, there was a fairly popular song:

I walked up the door, and opened the stairs,
Said my pajamas and put on my prayers.
Turned off the bed, and climbed into the light.
And all because you kissed me Good Night.


They just don’t write songs like that any more, and it will be running through my head all night, now.

Happy New Year!

2 Jan

I felt so absolutely rotten yesterday that I finally gave up and went to bed at 7 PM.  I slept like the proverbial log until midnight, when our neighbors set off fireworks for half an hour. I got up long enough to kiss The Squire Happy New Year, go get another pain pill and check on the whereabouts of the cat. Eddie was sitting bolt upright on the guest room bed, with righteous indignation in every line of his body. Felt pretty much the same way, frankly.  I still didn’t get up until almost 10 this morning. And I think Cardie sleeps a lot.KR & C

Looks as if somebody else had a long night. Many’s the time I fell asleep with one of the girls cradled on my chest. Cardie is just six weeks old here, and you can judge her size by her dad’s hand.

I mentioned the weather has been warmer than usual. Today at the feeder, we had both a pair of cardinals and three wrens!

Decided to trade my general frustration for a jig-saw puzzle. At least I’ll have something to show for my troubles.