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The War on Women, Target Edition

28 Jun

Every week I run into Target and buy 2 boxes of 50 tampons, which I repackage and drop off at the local food back. I am, thank heavens, well past the ways of women, but I remember from my days “between husbands” that this is one of many things you couldn’t get with food stamps. This and toilet paper. Soda, candy, chips, OK, but not sanitary supplies, including soap.

Last week I didn’t feel up to going, so I asked The Squire if he’d mind grabbing the tampons for me. When he got home, I saw he had purchased a name brand, rather than Target’s own. I had to be out on Sunday, so after my meeting I went to the Target to exchange them. I joked with the young lady in Customer Service about sending a man to do a woman’s job, but I admitted I was thankful he was willing to even do this for me, as many men would rather die than go down that aisle.

Well, the reason he didn’t get the store brand is they are all out of them. In fact, it looked as if somebody has got through with a giant vacuum cleaner; the shelves were bare. I went back to the counter to tell her this and her co-worker remarked she’d heard there is a nationwide shortage of the blessed things.

“Yeesh! What next? There is a formula shortage and now this!”

“I’ll tell you what’s next. The Supreme Court . . .”

Both girls started in on that topic, full bore. Let’s just say they were not happy. After they kicked that ball around the court a couple of times, I commiserated, and allowed as how if the three of us weren’t allowed to run things, it just wasn’t going to be done properly, and took my leave.