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Was There Ever Any Doubt?

19 Oct

Yesterday morning was a bit chilly, even by my standards – 36-F – and I wore a velour robe when I went out to take care of the various critters. I expected it to be the same this morning, but was closer to 50, so when I came in, I unzipped my robe and slipped my arms out, then zipped it back up and tied the sleeves in front.

The Squire was sitting at his computer, fully dressed, and wearing a sweater, while I was half naked. Same room, a foot or so apart, and I was roasting, while he was cold.

He looked at me and chuckled. “You know, if opposites attract, you and I were obviously made for each other.”

Vote Here

18 Oct

There’s been a tremendous amount of angst about mail-in ballots, long lines and “glitches” at polling places, and fake ballot boxes set up in some areas. This was Nick Anderson’s political cartoon for today, and it pretty much sums up the way the public feels around this entire business. The politicians are certainly not trying to make things easy for us, are they?

However, in spite of their best efforts, some of us have managed to get our ballots in – and counted.

I’m Fine. Really, I’m Just Fine

14 Oct

The church we attend is the descendant of Copley Parish, one of the churches founded by Queen Anne of England in 1692. The building originally stood several miles away, and the church followed the parishioners as the looked for greener – or at least less rocky – pastures. There was a church built on this site in the early 1700s, although the entire business was moved to Kingsville around 1811. The present church was built in 1974.

So – for the last several months, folks from the Harford County Historical Society and the Smithsonian have been conducting an archeological dig on the property. Grids have been marked, holes have been dug, dirt has been sifted, and ground-penetrating radar has been used. We have also been droned,

The Squire spent most of today – most of the last couple of weeks, as a matter of fact – pitching in with the work. Today he spent most of the day over there, and called me around 3:30 to say he was absolutely exhausted, and the rest of the team had told him to go home before he fell over. When he got in, I told him to go take a shower and I would start dinner. He said he wanted to take the recycling out to the road first, but he looked so awful I tried to shoo him into the bathroom, with a promise that I would take care of the wheelie bin. Next thing I know, Blaser is outside, barking his head off.

And The Squire is out like a light on the carport. He’d been trying to do something to the wheelie bin, lost his balance, and fallen over. He’d smacked him forehead, and has a goose egg, but he assured me I did NOT have to rush him to the hospital or call the clergy. He did go take that shower, and is now looking pale and interesting in the recliner, with an ice pack and a warm blanket.

I have crept in several times to make sure he’s still breathing, but all seems to be well in the kingdom.

An Unsolicited Testimonial

8 Oct

I’m working all this week, and since there’s no place around to buy lunch, I’ve been packing TV dinners to eat at my desk. Today, for the first time in recorded history, I opened a meal and discovered it actually looked exactly as pictured!

I grabbed a Healthy Choice Power Bowl from the frozen food aisle, and I was honestly startled to find nice bright carrot pieces and lovely green broccoli and sugar snap peas in the bowl. The plant-based “be’f” wasn’t bad, either. The rice, barley, and quinoa combination was not all mushy, the way they are normally. Really, really good.

I thought it was a bit skimpy, at 9 ounces, but you can’t have everything. The Squire had packed me a small salad, so I was good to go.

It’s October . . .

3 Oct

But wait! There’s more – insanity, I mean.

They have you covered from top to bottom.

This madness will probably go on until the first of the year.

We Voted!

1 Oct

Well, almost. We got the ballots in the mail today – one for me and one for The Squire – filled them out during supper, and will drop them off this evening on the way to do the shopping.

Now, it’s up to the rest of you!

Take Me Along!

1 Oct

I think she just watched the debate.