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Please Wear Your Hearing Aids!

20 May

One of the features of our new alarm system is that it can be accessed from The Squire’s phone. When we are away, we can disarm the door so somebody can come in to feed the various critters, and then lock up when they leave. This is very handy, but it does have its drawbacks.

Yesterday, The Squire was looking at surveillance footage and somehow managed to arm the system, which neither of us realized until I went outside – and the alarm went off! I dashed back inside and disarmed it, but it was loud enough that both neighbors called to ask if everything was OK.

The Squire didn’t hear a thing.

The Approaching Storm

4 May

We had an earthshattering thunderstorm last night. I was semi-awake, as it had been hailing for a bit and the stones banging on the air-conditioned had sort of “brought me to the surface”. Suddenly, there were several sharp, rapid bangs which I honestly thought were artillery fire! With the current situation, it seemed perfectly natural. As I was plotting my next move, the sound turned to regular thunder, and I relaxed a bit. I did turn on the radio to see if there were any sort of announcements, and the sirens in the area were silent, so after a quick peek out the window, I went back to bed.

The Squire slept through the entire business.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

4 May

After the Recent Unpleasantness of last month’s break-in, The Squire and I decided to invest in a motion camera security system.

The crew arrived at 7:45 yesterday, while we were eating breakfast. Guess who was still in her robe and had her hair in curlers? And her teeth out! We never did really get the kitchen straight, as the men were in and out all day long. Not only that, but they had to plug the camera over the front porch into the socket behind our bed. The bedroom is a mess, and there are dust bunnies under that bed large enough to cause serious damage if they ever get loose! At least the bed was made, and I suppose they’ve seen worse, but still . . .

They said they could not use any of the outside connections in case somebody figured out how to unplug or disable the cameras from outside. Makes sense, once it was explained.

Abdul, the young man who seemed to be in charge, was delightful. Sunny and cheerful, and willing to make little jokes. He explained all the intricacies of the system to The Squire and made sure we both knew how it worked before he left. I know The Squire and I will both sleep better at night, knowing that both God and Vector Security will be watching over us at night.