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The Sheer Perversity of Inanimate Objects

7 May

Local Grandson came down a week or so ago and helped us with the Water Problem. While he and The Squire were doing that, I went around and pulled up all of the solar lights that we had placed around the pond, and stuck them into the ground closer to the front porch. This morning I pulled up the ones that were not working; The Squire said he wanted to see if they were fixable – they were not – so I gathered them and dumped them into the recycling bin.

Three of the bloody things lit up!

I had to practically stand on my head to pull them back out, but they are on the picnic table to be replaced around the pond, along with the ten new ones. We’ll see. What do you want to bet they won’t light again when we try to use them?

The Mind Reader

1 May

After I finished helping set up for tomorrow’s service at church, I gave Hubby a buzz. He picked up the phone and said “I think that’s a great idea.”

“Oh? What is?”

“Stopping at the Amish Market for lunch.”

“Why do I even bother to talk to you?”

“You like the sound of my voice!”

The worst of it is that he was absolutely correct. I was on my way to the market, and I had called to see if he wanted me to bring home some lunch. This happens all the time. If there is something I’ve forgotten at the store, or if I have a sudden craving for, oh, butterscotch candy, I’ll think about it for a few moments, and darned if he doesn’t stop and buy whatever it was I wanted.

And vice versa.

Why do we even bother to talk to each other?