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Whose Ancestor is THAT?

10 Aug

As I’ve mentioned before, The Squire has been deeply involved with his family tree, tracing parts of it back as far as the 800s. Obviously, there are other people out there also looking for the same ancestors, and it is possible to search for a name and gets hints about folks who might be related to you.

You have to be careful. The amount of misinformation is appalling – children born three years after their mother died, couples married before one of them was born, and such. People just copy what another researcher had written down, without even checking to see if it is accurate.

What has really surprised both of us are the portraits people put up to represent their forbearers.  The Squire has been working on this long enough that he now recognizes when a picture is out of place. My knowledge of historical dress helps track down correct time period, and sometimes even the picture involved.  One was the famous Portrait of a Young Lady, done by Botticelli, which was about 100 years out of whack. Another was a portrait from the time of Henrietta Maria (after whom the state of Maryland is NOT named) used to depict a woman born in 1700. Henrietta Maria died in 1669! The absolute worst was a lady from the time of Henry VIII, represented by a painting – by John Singer Sargent! If people are going to ‘snag” portraits, they really ought to check the clothing styles, and the dates.

If you are going to the trouble to trace your family history, don’t throw the entire tree into question by using obviously fake stuff. People will question everything you have out there.

And that’s the truth!

Here We Go Again!

8 Aug

I have written before about the fact that The Squire sets the a/c at “Arctic” while I prefer it a tad warmer. The unit in our bedroom has an actual thermostat, which I set at 70 at night, and then back up to 75 during the day, when nobody is in there.

Last night, I popped into the TV room to say good night, and just about turned into an icicle standing in the doorway. The Squire was watching TV, bare chested, with a blanket over his legs, which hurt when they get cold. (Do you see something odd in this picture?) I went back downstairs and got him a small heating pad, and while I was at it, grabbed a room thermometer, which I laid on the bed in the guest room.

When I got up this morning, it registered a cozy 65!

It went down to 62 last night, and left to my own devices, I’d have opened the windows and turned on the fan.  Heating the house with the air conditioner just doesn’t make sense, folks. However, some people feel this brings too much humidity into the room, and it’s not worth the trouble.

But don’t come singing to me when the utility bill arrives!

A Bit Unclear on the Concept

4 Aug


These folks need a good dictionary.



2 Aug

Last week we had a visit at church from a long ago former member, and today we had a visit from fairly recent former member, who has returned – more or less- to the area.

Mary and her family moved to Texas in 1977, and she comes up about every other year with her daughter, son-in-law, and who knows how many nieces and nephews, all of whom are good solid church members.  It made me a little jealous, as only one of our girls goes to church, and none of the grandkids. I worry about all of them. One of our grandsons is in Air Force, and I’m just glad he’s out of harm’s way, and not a pilot.

Today’s visitor was a young man – about our daughter’s age – who moved to Florida with his parents when he was in his twenties. He pops back from time to time, but now has a job in Annapolis, which is, as he said, an hour and $4 each way, so he’ll probably only be coming once a month. Still he’s back home, and has said he’s willing to be a reader when he’s here. And we can always use the help.

Aaannd, We’re Off!

1 Aug

Yesterday, Sweet Girl finally mastered the difficult art of walking, and if she’s anything like her mother and grandmother, we are off to the races. This video was taken at the apartment in Ocean City. Last week she was content to sit in the sand; this week she wants to get into the water.

Ahem. Is determined to get into the water.