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2 Aug

Last week we had a visit at church from a long ago former member, and today we had a visit from fairly recent former member, who has returned – more or less- to the area.

Mary and her family moved to Texas in 1977, and she comes up about every other year with her daughter, son-in-law, and who knows how many nieces and nephews, all of whom are good solid church members.  It made me a little jealous, as only one of our girls goes to church, and none of the grandkids. I worry about all of them. One of our grandsons is in Air Force, and I’m just glad he’s out of harm’s way, and not a pilot.

Today’s visitor was a young man – about our daughter’s age – who moved to Florida with his parents when he was in his twenties. He pops back from time to time, but now has a job in Annapolis, which is, as he said, an hour and $4 each way, so he’ll probably only be coming once a month. Still he’s back home, and has said he’s willing to be a reader when he’s here. And we can always use the help.

Aaannd, We’re Off!

1 Aug

Yesterday, Sweet Girl finally mastered the difficult art of walking, and if she’s anything like her mother and grandmother, we are off to the races. This video was taken at the apartment in Ocean City. Last week she was content to sit in the sand; this week she wants to get into the water.

Ahem. Is determined to get into the water.