8 May

I got all of the paper hung in the Bombay living room, and discovered that the bundle of strip wood I had in the back room was just that – strip wood, not baseboard, as I had assumed. (You know what that means!)  Went online and ordered a dozen pieces of baseboard, a walnut chair for the bedroom, and – I thought – two walnut night stands.

After I was all done, after I had carefully reviewed the order several times, and hit the “Pay” button, I discovered I’d only ordered one night stand, not two. Grrr.  I think the other one jumped out of the way at the last minute.

I hate when that happens.

When I was on a straightening binge in what is laughingly called my workshop I found two ancient slot and tab kits. They were so old they were marked $7.49! One had been opened, so I kept it, but put the other on Freecycle. Since I am currently at a standstill on the Bombay house, I’m going to paint the inside of this one and begin to put it together. I can use odd bits and pieces to furnish it (I found some Little Tykes furniture in a bag) and scrap booking paper on the walls.  I’ll donate it to some little girl – I have one in mind – as a Christmas gift.

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