Two Funerals and a Wedding

1 Jun

Last night, the Squire and I went to the service for the twin brother of a fellow from church. Larry was seventy-seven, and had been in ill-health for quite some time (as has his brother) so we were able to truly celebrate his life, and his release from the ills which had plagued him for so long.

Today was another matter entirely. Cody was nineteen, just graduated from school, was enlisting in the Marines, dating a lovely girl – and died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Absolutely every parent’s worst nightmare.

We’ve known Cody’s dad for many, many years. Randy and our middle daughter dated when she was a sophomore and junior in high school, and he worked for – and with – our eldest daughter’s husband. Randy and his son were very close. They did all the father-and-son things you hear about, and the two of them often went hunting and fishing with our son-in-law and grandson.

The funeral parlor was a mob scene. Quiet and respectful, but a mob scene, none the less. Every teen-ager in Harford County, Cody’s teachers, plus a smattering of Marines, and most of the folks from where Randy and Jeff work. The line stretched two abreast from the back door, past the casket, and back out the front door of the visitation room.  I’d estimate easily three hundred people. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of young people who knelt quietly at the bier, said a prayer, crossed themselves, and moved on. One of Cody’s cousins stood by, handing each person a fresh tissue as they stood up. A quiet gesture, but a helpful and compassionate one.

On a much happier note, our local grand-daughter announced she is getting married. We are absolutely delighted, as Steve is a real sweetheart.  We have a time-share, and are offering the kids a place where ever they wish for their honeymoon.

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