Old Friends – Good Times

7 Jun

Yesterday evening the Squire and I went to the annual gathering of the Equitable Trust Honors Club.

You have to understand that the Equitable Trust Bank was absorbed by Maryland National Bank in 1989, which was in turn taken over by Nationsbank, and now Bank of America. And yet, twenty-three years later, over 130 people gather to remember what is was like to work for a company that treated you like people, like family, not simply “Human Resources”.

We laughed about the branch manager who never saw a pretty lady he didn’t like. A lovely woman walked into his branch with two shoe boxes full of unbalanced statements. He took her into the conference room, spread out the statements, and worked for two hours to reconcile the account. As she was leaving, he said to her, “Now, you understand, Mrs. Jones, this was rather unusual. These statements were from another bank, but I was glad to help you.” Her husband was the CEO of a large Baltimore food business (you’ve heard of them) and he was impressed enough by the treatment received for their personal account that he had the entire company’s business transferred to Equitable.

Or the teller who was approached by a man with a gun, and the demand to “Give me all of your money”. The teller was a War Bride from Germany, used to facing down Nazis with machine guns, and this little man with his puny gun didn’t faze her one bit. “That’s not my window”,  she told him, and kept on walking.

The fellow who refused to admit a customer after the bank had closed for the day, only to discover the “customer” was the president of the bank! The night shift supervisor in the reconciliation department who kept her false teeth in a glass on her desk. If you needed to talk to her, you had to make an appointment!  The young woman who brought in a box of kittens, which she sat beside her desk. By the end of the day, every kitten had found a home. The fellow who climbed into the night deposit box to retrieve a bag that was caught in the “throat”, and the door slammed shut on him.  A customer came in and told the branch manager that the night depository was “making funny noises” and somebody finally realized why Richard had been missing for the last hour!

When the first ATMs came out, known as “Harvey Wallbanker”, the branches that first had them installed had a man dressed in green stationed in the lobby to show customers how they worked.

Romances – licit and otherwise – which blossomed at the bank. The Squire and I met on my first day at work when I managed to pull a file cabinet over on top of myself. He picked up the cabinet, closed all of the drawers, and stuck around to see what would happen next.

It hasn’t been boring!

One Response to “Old Friends – Good Times”

  1. Reverend Ref June 7, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Those stories made my day. Thanks for sharing.

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