Life is Uncertain…

12 Jun

Sometimes my off-kilter sense of humor can get me into BIG trouble, but there are days when that is the only way I can cope.

Several weeks ago, our former rector’s wife went into the hospital for some abdominal surgery and ended up with peritonitis. She is currently in a medically induced coma.

A member of the congregation – a young lady we’ll call Angie – is in the same hospital following a nervous breakdown. Her first husband is a real gem, and managed to convince the judge to give him custody of their children “because Angie can’t afford to raise them properly” and then turned around and asked for child support in an amount that would have left her working for him, and living on the street.  Mr Ex is a scientist of some sort for the government and his new wife is a school teacher.  In the meantime, because of the economy, Angie is working at a different place, making less money than she was at the time of the divorce, and Mr Ex has filed for an increase in child support to pay for summer day care. Did I mention his wife is a school teacher – who will presumably  be off during the summer?  No wonder the poor child collapsed. She is convinced they will send her to jail for failure to pay child support, or at the very least, put her picture in the local paper.

Late last week an elderly member of our congregation took a real tumble while she was gardening. She collected the cut limbs and other debris, put away the wheelbarrow and clippers, and then called her son to come and take her to the hospital. She had dislocated her shoulder and broken two ribs, which involved a punctured lung. (They don’t make ’em like that any more!) During the course of treatment, doctors found blood in the sac around her heart, which is Not a Good Thing. Her daughter called a close friend from church to tell her about this, and said she was going to stay home on Sunday. “I am so worried about Mom that I feel sick.”

Sunday afternoon, her husband came in from mowing the lawn to find his wife dead on the kitchen floor, apparently of a heart attack.

And, of course, all of this occurred while Dr J was on vacation on the other side of the country.

…eat dessert first.

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