Trying my Patience, Part II

24 Jun

Joppatowne – and the Church of the Resurrection – will be  celebrating their 300th anniversary this year, and big doings are afoot. The men of the parish have been clearing a trail back to what is left of the original harbor, and have cut down several small trees in the process.

I posted an offer on Freecycle. “Firewood: cut to length but not split. Bring your own pickup truck and muscle power.” Fairly straightforward, I thought.

The person I chose – there were several requests – sent an email Saturday afternoon wanting to know if it could be picked up this morning. I replied that it was on church property and would not be available until after 12:00. OK. reasonable enough.

We waited until 1:00, but they didn’t show up, so we taped a note on the fence and came home. There were three email waiting for us, all sent between 9:30 and 10:00

Would they need a power saw or an ax? I replied that is was already cut the length. They could split it at home.  The second email was to ask if the wood would burn, and the third was to ask what kind of wood it was.  I answered each of these, and then said that since we were – obviously – already home, they would have to give us a day and time to meet at the church, as the wood was not accessible without help.

They decided they didn’t want it after all.

2 Responses to “Trying my Patience, Part II”

  1. Reverend Ref June 25, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    Would the wood burn?? Unless it’s green and needs to dry out, what kind of wood doesn’t burn? As to what kind of wood — brown. It’s brown wood.

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