Sturm und Drang

30 Jun

The last two nights, we have had tremendous thunderstorms after dark.  The weather channel said that last night we had at least forty-five minutes of continuous thunder – most if, it seemed, centered directly over our house.

The Independence Day Parade is tomorrow – Sunday afternoon – and I had promised I’d be at the church from noon until 2:00, so I wandered in that direction around 11:30. The Squire and an another fellow from church were working on the lawn – endless job- and a young lady was also zipping around on the mower. When Rachel and I went inside to arrange costumes, we discovered there was no power, and it seems Joppatowne and the surrounding area have been “in the dark” since around midnight last night.

Our local grandson works for Baltimore Gas & Electric, so I imagine he’s out climbing poles. There’s a thankless task; everybody wants to be first, and seem to blame the men on the poles for the storm, the bugs and anything else they can think of.

I’d gotten the wash done, but didn’t have time to hang it out before I left, so when I got home, I decided to put it in the dryer, rather than risk another downpour. About halfway through supper, I heard a POP, but the dryer was still running, so I figured a belt buckle had hit the inside of the drum.

No such luck. The drive belt had snapped, and we ended up dragging things out to hang them on the line anyway. This means I’ll have clothes on the line two Sundays in a row, (ugh!)  but it is too hot and muggy to leave them in the basket until Monday, unless The Squire wants pink polka dots on his T-shirts.

Well, maybe some rain won’t be too bad. We really do need it, and our next door neighbors have been having weekend karaoke parties than go on until 4 AM, so a downpour/power outage might not be a bad thing.

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