Dante’s Inferno

7 Jul

It is blistering here (still 102 f at 7:45 in the evening), and the compressor in the bedroom a/c went up last night. It was still far too hot outside to open the windows and just use the fan to pull in fresh air.

Under normal circumstances, we would have gone down and opened the sofa bed, but for reasons way beyond MY comprehension, The Squire decided to put the downstairs unit in the kitchen instead on the living room.  The living room and dining room are one long space, but the kitchen is off to the side, and there is no circulation. What was he thinking? I needed a sweater in the kitchen and it was almost 100 f in the dining room. Mind you, if he could find some itty-bitty unit for the kitchen, that would be great, but we do NOT need 8,000 BTUs in a room barely 11 feet to a side.

I went in and spent ten minutes getting all the junk off my guestroom bed (which doubles as a sewing/craft room) and slept in there, as that a/c was working.

I knew he was going to the movies this morning, and the last thing I said to him was, “When you and Mac go to the movies tomorrow, be sure to stop at Lowe’s and get a new a/c”.  I had to run out to the library and the farmer’s market today,  and he had come home while I was out.

“Do you need help with the a/c or did Mac already help you?”

Blank look. “Honestly, it completely slipped my mind.”

How can you possibly walk out of a movie theater, which is usually cold enough to hang meat, and not be reminded that your bedroom is going to be just about as hot as the sidewalk? Sometimes, I wonder just which one of us had the stroke.

At any rate, we did move the downstairs unit out of the kitchen and into the living room, which is half the battle. Next came calling every home improvement store between Philly and DC to find a new one for the bedroom. Small comfort, I suppose, to learn that Lowe’s didn’t have one in stock, anyway. He finally located one at Sears, and we got it hooked up as soon as he got home.

Will somebody please explain why on Earth a person needs a remore control for an air conditioner? Good Lord, deliver us!

One Response to “Dante’s Inferno”

  1. Reverend Ref July 9, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    I’m having trouble with the mid-90’s out here in southwest Oregon — I can’t even imagine . . .

    And you need a remote control for the air conditioner because it’s cool.

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