Well, So Much for That!

9 Aug

We left Newport yesterday at 8:30, and made fabulous time until we got off I-70 and hit the Baltimore Beltway just at rush hour. It took us from 5 PM to 6:30 to get home, and it should have taken about 45 minutes. I grabbed my car keys and went to pick up Blazer from the vet before they closed at 7. One happy puppy! In the meantime, The Squire went over to the local pizza place for supper, and picked up eggs and milk for this morning.

About a week before I went to Williamsburg, I had gone to the doctor for a very husky voice, which I considered part of the thyroid business, as well as clogged ears and a drippy nose. He gave me some medicine to clear up the mess in my head, but said he really thought I am allergic to at least one of my animals.


So, while we were away, between being totally animal free in Williamsburg and exposed to cats at his sister’s, it is obvious that it’s ol’ Eddie who is causing the problems.

I got up this morning, full of vim and vigor, ready to tackle this house and get the vacuuming and dusting done. Maybe even polish the silver while I’m at it. Go, team! Last night, in addition to the milk and eggs, The Squire had also grabbed some non-drowsy allergy pills for me. I took one after breakfast, and within a half an hour could hardly focus my eyes.

I went upstairs and slept for two hours!

I will try taking them at bedtime. I already take an anticonvulsant for Restless Leg Syndrome, and something for a urinary problem, both of which make me sleepy, so it’s a good thing I am able to try this before I have to go out in public.

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