Busy, Busy Week

16 Oct

I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last week, doing the switchboard for one of my favorite companies. I really love the job and the people are delightful, and Heaven knows it’s not hard work – sitting on my duffel bag all day – but this getting up at 5:45 in the morning and staying up all day just wreaks havoc on my system. I normally get up at 8:30 and take a nap after the mid-day meal, so by Wednesday morning I was popping No-Doz as if they were Tic-Tacs.

The Squire has proclaimed there will be no more of this nonsense. I can work one day over there, maybe two, but no more than that. And I, sweet, obedient wife that I am, didn’t argue with him.  It may well put the kibosh to my working there at all, as it is a complicated switchboard, and they won’t be happy training a temp for the temp, but there you are.

On Wednesday, our oldest grandson, the handsome Mr. MTV married the beautiful Miss KEW at a private ceremony in the Bahamas. Just the happy couple and both sets of parents.  There will be a reception later this month.

Thursday afternoon I went for my first physical therapy session to work on the pinched nerves in my back. The young man (at my age, they’re all young!) did what he called a Mulligan maneuver – pushing up on my vertebrae while I hunched over and then straightened up. Wow! I have been able to cut my anticonvulsant dosage in half, and have had NO pain since that afternoon. I have exercises to do several times a day – with a lot of help from both the dog and the cat – and one that I need The Squire to lend a hand, but I am literally “feeling no pain”. This is wonderful.  I had another session today and praised the fellow for his good work.

Saturday, The Squire had his godson over for the day and the two of them removed all of the old mulch from the flower bed along the drive – 500 feet of it! – dug up and split a lot of the hosta to fill in the bare spots, filled the bed with three yards of topsoil, and then re-mulched it all.

The Squire had a biopsy scheduled for this afternoon, and he is not a happy camper. Apparently this session was fairly painful. And now we wait two weeks for the test results!

One Response to “Busy, Busy Week”

  1. Grandmommy October 16, 2012 at 2:31 am #

    My prayers are with hubby and I am glad you are feeling better! 🙂

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