Great Kooga-Mooga!

23 Oct

Or, to quote The Squire, “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?”

Two weeks of PT equals about 10 days of no pain and good solid sleep. Today, I decided to tackle the kitchen windows. Washed all four windows, inside and out, including removing the storm windows so we could do the “inside of the outside and the outside of the inside”.  How do those places get so dirty? All spider spit and cobwebs.

I had to ask The Squire to help with the storm panels, as the latches are too tight for me, and he stayed to help. We got all the windows done, the floor mopped and the curtains washed. (Of course, it will rain tomorrow. That’s One of the Rules.)

Such a burst of energy hasn’t come along in absolute eons. Thank you, Agape Physical Therapy!

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