Turn Back the Clock

6 Nov

No, not daylight savings, just “let me go back to bed and start the day over” type of clock turning.

Our church had quite a few trees blow over during Sandy, and The Squire and his crew spent most of Saturday playing 3,000 pickup, collecting small branches, and cutting trees into stove lengths.

Today, he met a four or five other fellows and they set out to finish the job.  When they broke for lunch, he found a business card from a repair tech from ADT stuck in the church door. All that noise of chains saws, etc., and the man never thought to walk around the back when the door was locked? (This is not the same company that couldn’t locate the church on a dead-end street.)

Someplace along the line he lost his reading glasses, and to top it all off…We have only one tombstone in the cemetery, a huge Celtic cross, a monument to a young man who was killed at Lockerbee.  An only child, twenty-four years old, murdered three days before Christmas. The men were cutting down the last tree, tied it with a rope attached to a truck so it would fall the right direction.

And it twisted as it came down, and knocked Geordie’s cross off the base and onto the ground.

Fortunately the cross itself is not damaged, and it looks as if it can be replaced on the base. (There are several iron rods sticking up.) I hate to admit it, but I would have blamed the damage on the wind, but The Squire called Geordie’s dad and told him exactly how it had gotten broken.



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