Good Morning?

16 Nov

I was up at a perfectly insane hour today because I had an appointment at 6:30 in the morning. I was dressed and fed, and went up to waken The Godson, who is staying with us while his mother is in the hospital.

I had just gotten my car keys off the rack when there was a terrific crash. I dashed halfway up the stairs to see if The Godson had dropped something or fallen, he popped out of the bedroom door to see what had happened, and The Squire came out of the bathroom to wonder if somebody had hit another deer. We must have looked like a bunch of prairie dogs!

The Squire took his flash light and cell phone and headed out to the road. As it turned out, there had been a horrific crash in front of our house. The Squire quickly called 911, and tried to speak to the people in the vehicles involved to see if there was anything we could do without making things worse.

There wasn’t.

From what we have pieced together in conversations with a driver who witnessed the accident and the police, the truck drifted across the center line and ran head-on  into the car. The impact pushed both vehicles approximately seventy feet, from the culvert on one edge of our property to directly in front of our drive. The police estimate that the car spun around several times before coming to rest in our yard.  There was debris all over the street and the yard. The driver and passenger were workmen of some sort (The Squire thinks carpenters) and there were coolers, sandwiches, tool boxes, and backpacks scattered everywhere. The impact popped open the trunk, and the spare tire was about halfway up our drive, resting under a pine tree.

We had five fire companies, two ambulances, more police cars than I could count, and the medevac helicopter.  When the tow truck came to haul away the truck, the driver nearly lost his footing because he recognized the truck as belonging to a friend. The Squire assured him that the man had walked to the ambulance.

The passenger in the car died at the scene**, and we don’t know the status of that driver.

I never did get to my appointment, but then again, neither did any of these men. Take care of yourself, live thoughtfully, and remember that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

**I just found out that the fellow who died had been stopped a few days ago for driving with an expired license, and ironically was riding to work with a friend to avoid another ticket.

One Response to “Good Morning?”

  1. Reverend Ref November 21, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    Being the occasional volunteer firefighter . . . those are never good things. Be careful indeed.

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