Singing in the Car

30 Nov

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, and today is The Squire’s birthday, so we went  to our favorite restaurant to celebrate.  By the time we left, it was dark and a full moon was shining down on us. We had a full moon the night we got married, and I remember the three girls sitting in the back seat of my dad’s car, merrily yodeling some made-up song about “A Full Moon on Your Wedding Night”,  and howling at the moon. How at twelve-year-old and two eight-year-olds knew about “howling at the moon” I didn’t know and have never asked!

We used to sing in the car all the time – the first car I ever owned didn’t have a radio, and so my two and I would sing to pass the time, everything from Jesus Loves Me to Camptown Races. (Do-dah, do-dah!) Even after The Squire and I got married, we would all sing, until one year his nephew spent the summer with us and got mortally offended when we all sang The Ants Come Marching, One by One. Apparently, this is sung to the tune of some Confederate marching song, and the dear boy was so incensed that he made loud bum-bum-bum noises all the way home.

I don’t think we ever sang in the car again.

Except for tonight, when The Squire and I made up our own words for Full Moon on Your Wedding Night.

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