Some People Never Grow Up

8 Dec

When I was in my early teens – 14 or 15 – I belonged to our church’s youth group. About once a year, usually in January, we’d have a District Convention at a city about three hour’s drive away, pre-Interstate.

On one trip, there were three of us kids in the back seat, one in the front, and the driver was our church’s Youth Pastor. About a half an hour out, he pulled over and suggested we all take off our coats and stow them in the trunk. “The car is warm, and you’ll have more elbow room. We can put them back on when we get where we’re going, and we won’t be over-heated.”

Well I just thought this was a wonderful idea. A few weeks later, my sister and I were riding with my mom and I unbuttoned my coat and began to shrug out of it. (I can point out the corner, to this day.) My mother asked me “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh, Pastor Geesendaffer said….”

We don’t do that.” And with that she reached over and turned off the heat. We rode the rest of the winter with no heat in the car. One Sunday morning, my dad reached over to turn on the heat, and my mother flipped by knob back. “Audrey, it’s cold in here.”

“We’ll be there soon.” (It was five miles from our house to the church.) He simply shrugged and didn’t say anything. That afternoon I explained what had happened, and he just heaved a big sigh.

To this day, I seldom wear a coat in the car.  So there! Take that! I am just sooo mature.

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