Just Stop Right Here.

6 Jan

Sometimes it can be very obvious that God is looking out for me.

Last night, we had a Twelfth Night Celebration at church, and I took a plate full of food scraps out to feed a fox who has a den in the woods behind the building.  There was enough light from the windows for me to skirt the herb garden, go along the edge of the Colonial church and around the back side of it, and then walk across the yard. I finally decided to put the dish down “right here”.  As I bent over, the plate hit a huge branch. Had I taken one more step, I would have fallen, a good distance from the building, in the dark, out of sight and out of hearing. Just stop right here.

A few years ago, The Squire and I were coming home and I was driving, as he doesn’t like a stick shift. It was late for us and I leaned back in the seat to close my eyes “for just a few seconds”. The Squire asked me when I was going to go ahead. “The light’s been green for a while.” Just as I slipped my car into drive, another vehicle came roaring up Route 40, doing at least 100 mph. It sounded like a low-flying airplane!  Obviously ran a light that had been red for some time, and if I had pulled out when I had the green, there would have been a fireball. Just stop right here.

Way back when, before we had “right on red” laws, I was sitting at a stop light, chatting with my girl friend. We were looking at each other, and she happened to glance up and saw we had the green light. Again, as I started out, a car full of joy-riding teenagers sailed past. The car behind us was an unmarked police car, and he whipped around me, turned on the siren, and didn’t catch up with the kids for about a half mile. Had I pulled into traffic when I had the green light, it would have been a horrible disaster.

Just stop right here.

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