The Heck With It

22 Feb

As I have said in the past, The Squire and I really enjoy watching the squirrels in our back yard. We have three feeders – a traditional hopper type with a baffle that actually works, and two globe-shaped feeders that are supposed to be squirrel-proof. None of them are starling-proof.

Normally, The Squire fills the feeders, as he gets up much earlier than I, but yesterday I came downstairs and found the two globe feeders tossed Feeder1Feeder3into the seed can.  As you can see, the squirrels took advantage of the missing lid to help themselves.

Both the squirrels and the black birds hang onto the wire cage, and chew, claw, grab, at the seed cups, and have managed to completely destroy the cups on the bottoms of the feeders. As a result, when seed is poured into the hopper, it just runs right back out.

I have replaced the missing cups with cut off bits of medicine bottles, but they do tend to fall out, and I can’t get in there with the glue gun.  Apparently, this particular morning, The Squire didn’t have the time, or the patience, to jiggle the plactic back into place, and just left the feeders for me to tackle.

You’ll notice that this globe feeder is all out of shape. The night, the racoons climb up,unhook them, and roll them across the lawn. During the day, the blackbirds get the things spinning, and unscrew them from the hooks, so they fall on the ground.

The Squire says he thinks he has come up with a method to keep the local wildlife from pulling apart the feeders. We shall see.

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