Shower Doors

30 Apr

I decided to give the bathroom a really good cleaning today – mirrors, pictures, removing everything from the counter top and wiping it down, getting the pipes under the counter, and then I tackled the shower doors.

I hate shower doors. If they are clean, they give you no privacy, and if they are dirty – well, they are just dirty. We have a well, and hard water, and the entire shower is in constant need of a good scrubbing, even when you’ve just finished. We had three daughters and they zipped in and out of the bathroom, like a college dorm, not to mention the dog shoving the door open to see what was going on. This could be a bit awkward when The Squire was the Occupant.

Our wallpaper has blue gingham accents, and I suggested hiding the doors behind a curtain suspended from a tension rod. We already have a curtain hiding the toilet, which the architect cleverly put directly in the line of vision of the dining room door, so this would not be a Big Deal.


Perhaps if I suggested cleaning the blasted door is his job, we’ll have a better response next time the matter comes up. We’ll see.

3 Responses to “Shower Doors”

  1. jaels April 30, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    Oh I’m SO praying he joyfully accepts the shower door chore–or the alternative curtain idea!

  2. peg wilson April 30, 2013 at 10:52 pm #

    Contact paper might do the trick also

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