If it Ain’t Broke…

7 Jun

…fix it until it is.

We got a recall letter from Kia, saying that there was a problem with some of the cars. The brake lights would go on and not go off, which could be a bit confusing to the person behind you. We hadn’t noticed any problems (we both check our lights and such if we park in front of a building with large windows) but I took The Squire up to the dealer yesterday morning so he could drop off the car, and then took him back up when the dealer called to say the car was ready.

I had a stop to make on the way home, so I pulled into the drive well after he had gotten in. The brake lights were on. He went out and turned the ignition on and the off again, and the lights went out.

Yesterday evening we had to make two trips – one over to the local grocery, and then later down to White Marsh. When we came back from the grocery I told him to let me out at the top of the drive so I could watch the car. Brake lights on, nothing happened when he stepped on the pedal, and still on when he turned off the engine.


When we went to White Marsh, the brake lights immediately went on and as far as we know, stayed on the entire time. I had to run into Target and he sat in the car and waited for me. I could spot him a half block away. We had another stop to make in the same shopping center, and The Squire asked me to pump the brakes while he watched. The lights did go out, but when we got home, they were on again. I figured I’d end up hanging from the roof rack with a red flag, letting folks know when we were really going to stop.

AND, there was a warning light on the dash saying the Electronic Stability Control was in use. This is only supposed to be working when the road is slick and to go back off automatically. We’ve only seen it once in the year or so we’ve had the car, and it wasn’t there before the dealer “fixed” it. And it wasn’t raining last night.

So, the morning has started with The Squire in Bel Air getting the dealer to “unfix” the car.

I love technology.

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