What I Did on Summer Vacation

29 Jun

Well, where was I?

I went to one doctor on Monday afternoon (June 17th) and another on Friday morning, and it was obvious I NOT well enough to drive to Williamsburg. I really didn’t want to disappoint the boys, and I’d already reserved the time share, which I was quite honestly too cheap to cancel. So, to make a long story short, The Squire cancelled all of his own plans, and went to Williamsburg with us.

When I called the Godson’s mother to tell her “there had been a change of plans” her immediate response was to ask if I had decided not to go. Apparently I have not been “keeping up appearances” as well as I thought. Anyway, she agreed to come over every day and feed the cat and the outside livestock, and we boarded the dog with our vet.

We went to early church on Sunday, collected the Godson and his friend, piled more stuff into the back of the van than I believed possible, and off we went. We stopped for lunch about 1:00, and I had a dickens of a time getting out of the car and across the parking lot. Getting back on my feet after sitting for long periods is sheer agony. However, once I’m on my feet for about ten minutes, I’m good to go.
When we unpacked on Sunday evening I discovered that I had forgotten one of my medicines. We went to the drugstore that evening, but they could not suggest any OTC that I could substitute, so I had a couple of VERY rough nights. Didn’t actually get it all ironed out until Wednesday afternoon. I called my doctor on Tuesday, but he did not get the prescription called in until early Wednesday. We stopped at the store on the way home that afternoon, and the clerk couldn’t find it, and I nearly panicked. Fortunately one of the druggists remembered the call and found that my last name had been misspelled. Whoosh!

We also found that in spite of the prices we pay for our time share, Internet access is an extra $8 a day, which is why I have been incommunicado for a while.

We managed to get the boys on their feet and out the door at a reasonable hour on Monday morning. Got The Squire a pass at the Visitors Center and sallied forth. We went to the DeWitt-Wallace museum first and I wandered around the portrait collection while the fellows did whatever it was they were doing. We met for lunch at the café, and then they agreed to continue doing some male bonding, and I spent some more time in the museum. We had arranged for me to meet them at 2:30 at the Raleigh Tavern for colonial dancing lessons, but I didn’t allow myself enough time, so I missed out. Would have taken me far too long to take the bus, and walking nearly a mile was faster but still not productive. Got myself some root beer, chatted with a couple and admired their two little girls, and waited until the men folk came out. The Squire wore his “We have nothing to fear” T-shirt, and got a zillion compliments on it.

We all got some soft-serve ice cream, and walked toward the bus stop to return to the Visitors Center. Came upon a mother sheep and her itty-bitty new lamb. I took one photo standing up and then stooped down to take another through the fence, so I would have more of a head –on shot. I had to get The Squire and the Godson to help me to my feet.??????????
When we got in, the Godson crashed in an armchair in the living room and that was the end of him for an hour or so. I took my book and sat out on the patio for a while, and a half dozen deer came out of the woods to graze in the field behind the apartment. I walked slowly out to the edge of the tree line so I could get a good picture, but they all scattered. I sat in the grass and waited, but they never came out, and I couldn’t get up. The Squire came out and rescued me – again.

It’s going to take a while to get used to having to stay upright most of time.

Wednesday I went off to see a program on the lives of slaves during the American Revolution, and the irony of people such as Washington, Jefferson, and Patrick Henry owning slaves while fighting for their own freedom from England. The Squire and the boys went to a talk about the use of oxen in farming, which actually sounded pretty interesting. After lunch, we went to a reenactment of a trial, and The Squire got elected to be a Justice of the Peace, and the Godson was asked to play the part of an apprentice who had been served rum at a tavern, which was a no-no. He was under age and apprentices weren’t allowed to frequent taverns at any rate.

We’d eaten lunch twice at Chowning’s Tavern and once at the DeWitt Café, and we were all pretty tired of the same old, same old, but The King’s Arms Tavern was about $30 a plate and even the kids knew that we weren’t eating there. We were headed to the Market Square(modern stuff) when we passed the William & Mary bookstore, which had a café, so we went up there and ate instead. Something different, and slightly less expensive, which didn’t hurt, either. Godson heard a brownie calling his name, so he had dessert. It was nearly a religious experience.??????????

Back at the apartment, we were fixing sandwiches and I managed to cut my finger while slicing a bagel. The Squire finished slicing mine for me, and offered to slice bagels for the boys. Godson said he could do it himself, and The Squire came him a bit of a growl about not cutting off his thumb, too.

“Oh, I’m young. It’ll grow back.”

So, that’s half the story. I’ll fill you in on the rest tomorrow.

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