And The Beat Goes On

5 Jul

We have been working on the kitchen for what seems to be absolute eons, and I’m beginning to get tired of this game. Even after I sent boxes of odds and ends up to the thrift shop, I seem to have more to put away than I had when I started. I actually have more space than I did before, but because the configuration of the  cabinets is different, nothing is where I think it should be. And because I am still “unpacking” most things are not where they will be.

We put all of the hooks from the peg board in a mayonnaise jar when we took things apart and, of course, the jar has disappeared.  The only thing to do is go buy new hooks and keep the receipt, because the minute I walk in the door, the old hooks will jump up and down and roll across the kitchen floor.

The Squire has started to build a drawer to go under the oven, rather than put doors down there, as it will be easier for me with my mobility problems. I’ve put some of the stuff that will go there into copy paper boxes and shoved the boxes into the hole, just to get it out of my way, but there are still things all over the dining room table and the counter tops. I need to paper the walls so I can hang the clock, the grocery list thingy, the spice rack, etc. but they are on the counter and I need that clear so I can spread out the paper.

Everything has to be done before we can do the next thing. Aaargh!

Last night, The Squire received a phone call from his brother with some very bad medical news on that end, and when he called his sister in Tennessee he discovered she is also quite ill.  Visiting Florida is probably out of the question, but I did suggest last night that we at least consider a flying trip to the Volunteer State.

We shall see.

One Response to “And The Beat Goes On”

  1. bennetta faire July 6, 2013 at 1:53 am #

    Sorry about the bad news, and continuing remodel difficulties–sending up prayers for you and your family, always. God bless you.

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