Happy Birthday to Me.

22 Jul

Well, not exactly happy, but at least I made it this far. I don’t remember ever being this sick. The Plague we had back in January was all nose-blowing and sniffles, but this is a wracking cough that just leaves me exhausted. My ribs and breastbone are sore from all of the coughing.

Lawsy! I sound like something from Ol’ Man River, don’t I?

The Squire got me a beautiful card and left it on the key board for me to find when I got up this morning. A lovely card and he’d hand-written a very emotional message of his own.  I am so lucky to have this man by my side. He had planned to take me out to dinner, but I’m pretty much under quarantine.  His orders, not the doctor’s, but I’d just as soon not be out and about anyway.

Later, love, later.

One Response to “Happy Birthday to Me.”

  1. Reverend Ref July 24, 2013 at 3:28 am #

    And a belated happy birthday to you.

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