Confound You, Comcast!

5 Aug

I turned on my computer one day last week and although the Internet page came up immediately, after about five seconds the screen went completely blank. Nada. The Squire had the same problem. After a few phone calls, we learned that Comcast had, for reasons unknown, installed Google Chrome as an “update” for all of their subscribers.


In order to get anywhere, we have to go to Google Chrome, type in the Comcast URL, and go from there. We get audio from random commercials, a row of pictures across the bottom of the screen which blocks the bottom of some emails – such improvements I can hardly stand. Good Lord, deliver us.  We are both annoyed enough that if Comcast can’t/won’t fix this we are going to change carriers.

??????????We did discover that even when the blank page comes up, we can access our bookmarks, which is a blessing.

Yesterday, The Squire was on his way out to feed the foxes when he saw this egret – probably a young one – walking up the stream bed. He went around the stream bank so he was facing the bird, but the bird stopped in the middle of that “pond” in front of him (her) and started catching minnows, so we never did get a really decent shot.

Today was the first time I’ve felt up to going out of the house since I got sick, so we trotted off to church.  Well, feeling better does not mean I’m well, by a long shot. Home and back to bed. Apparently, two hours is my limit.

The Squire and I were scheduled to usher, which is no big deal, but I was supposed to read. Under the best of circumstances, I am fairly soft-spoken, and yakking starts me hacking, so the Squire read in my place. He forgot his reading glasses, so there was a bit of a kerfuffle until some dear soul passed a pair up to him.

Other than one doctor’s appointment I haven’t been out in the sun since the 16th, when I had lunch with a girlfriend. I’m either going to get rickets or turn into a vampire.

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