Wondrously Knit Together

2 Sep

I’ve noticed for the last few days that my left foot was particularly sore, and my leg seemed weak.

The stroke I had in July has left some residual weakness on the left side, and I have already made an appointment with my neurologist to see about my poor busted discs, which is generally why my feet hurt. Today, my left calf and foot are rather badly swollen, and I am limping like Walter Brennan.


I’ve had phlebitis once before and ended up having to give myself Coumadin shots, which are more painful than labor pains and a tooth ache at the same time. Two shots, three times a day. Good Lord, deliver us.  Rather than wait until tomorrow and try to get in to see my GP, The Squire took me down to Patient First, which is Hopkins’ own “Doc in a Box”.  Not as long a wait as a regular ER, and truly good care. Just as well we didn’t have to wait long, as I was about to strangle the family across from us. A woman who sounded like Bernadette’s mother-in-law from The Big Bang Theory and her two daughters, all three of whom were texting each other. The mother’s ring tone sounded like a quacking duck, and every once in a while she would reprimand one or the other of the girls for not answering her text.

There are some facets of modern life I’d just as soon not even try to understand.

Anyway, I have a referral to have a sonogram of my left leg done tomorrow morning. Was the stroke caused by something breaking loose deep in my leg last month? Why does all this keep happening? My cholesterol is at a decent level, my blood pressure is really pretty low (112/54 on Wednesday and 120/70 today), and Heaven knows I don’t lead a stressful life. If we don’t get this untangled, The Squire is going to have a stroke of his own.


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