Surprise, Surprise!

24 Nov

The Squire will be 70 on the 29th, and I was determined to throw him a party for this landmark ocassion.

After a bit of mental mumbling, I decided the easiest and best place was to have it immediately after the late service at church today. I passed around a note during the Annual Meeting on the 10th. “Surprise party on the 24th. No gifts.” I did call a few folks who don’t attend our church; my brother-in-law, our closest friends, our eldest daughter and her family – but even people who normally come to the early service came back over at 11:30 to wish The Squire a Happy Birthday.

Eldest Daughter baked her dad a birthday cake, and one member of the early church group (do you have two separate congregations at your church?)  went over to the grocery store to pick up a deli tray I had ordered. I had hoped to have everything in place before the service ended, but it didn’t run as long as I had guessed it would – will have to ask Fr. M to preach longer sermons – so The Squire was coming into the hall from the narthex door as Eldest Daughter was coming in the back door.

My husband was well and truly flabbergasted, and nearly moved to tears.  Lots of birthday cards, a number of gift cards to Barnes & Noble, and a very happy husband. Ta-dah!

And not a single person had a camera.

One Response to “Surprise, Surprise!”

  1. theminilife November 25, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    I love it! 🙂

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