19 Apr

One of the blogs I follow is “A Joyful Chaos” http://ajoyfulchaos.blogspot.com/

The lady has been doing an A to Z discussion of Amish life, and today she was discussing Amish Quilts.  She showed a picture of one she made right after she and her husband got married, and said it had taken her “almost a month” to finish it. I started a quilt when The Squire and I became engaged, and almost 40 years later, it is still in the cedar chest, unfinished. Of course, Mary Ann says she had no children and no technology to distract her, and even though I’ve never been one to watch TV, we started our marriage with three children between us – and I was working full time.

Back in the mid 60s, a woman with whom I worked found two pieced quilt tops in her mother’s belongings after she died. Sally had offered them to her two daughters-in-law, but they were not interested, so she asked me if I’d like to have them, as she knew I appreciated that sort of thing, and at the time I had two daughters. I was thrilled and deeply honored to have them.

Knowing I did not have the time or space to finish off these quilts, I asked my grandmother if she would take them over to Augsburg Home, the Lutheran Home for the Aged, and have the ladies over there do them for me, and I would pay for them when they were done. I know this is not a job that is done in a weekend, and with two children, a job, and a husband that was neither use nor ornament, I pretty much put them out of my mind. When I finally asked my grandmother about them, she replied, very casually, “Oh, you didn’t say any thing, so I thought you weren’t interested, and I gave one away.”

If I could have reached through the phone, I would have strangled her on the spot.

Sometime later, I was bewailing the fate of my lost quilt to my mother, and she said, “Ah! I wondered where that quilt came from! She gave it to your sister as a wedding gift. When I asked her where she’d gotten it, she just said she ‘fell heir to it’. I should have known.”  To top it off, the old lady actually had the chutzpah to have the quilt embroidered “To Lynn and Earl, from Grandmother” and the date.

Some people.


One Response to “Quilts”

  1. A Joyful Chaos ~ Mary Ann April 19, 2014 at 6:30 pm #

    Oh my! That would have raised my dander too! Hope you at least got the other one.

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