Self Control

26 May

You all may remember our friend Mac, who set off the burglar alarm last July. He is truly a very intelligent man, but his sandwiches are packed in the basket in a different order from the rest of us.

He brought his lap-top to church yesterday so The Squire could take a look at it. We locked it in the rector’s office during services, and then brought it home. All fixed and ready to go, so The Squire took it over to Mac’s house who told him the power cord was missing.

A phone call to me to ask where in the office I had put it. “On the rector’s chair by the desk. You’re the one who picked it up.” Hmm. “Maybe I left it on the chair.” The Squire swung by church, and there was no power cord in the chair, so he came back home to see if he had left it in the workshop. Not there, either. He finally grabbed one of his spare power cords and took it back to Mac’s house, so he’d at least have something to run his computer.

When he laid the cord on top of the laptop case, he noticed one pocket was flat and the other bulging. And there was the “missing” power cord. When he confronted Mac about this, after two trip between our house and theirs, and asked why he hadn’t looked in both pockets, the answer was “The power cord belongs in the left pocket, not the right one.”  Shades of Sheldon Cooper!

The Squire said it was a good thing he didn’t have a gun. 

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