Road Rage

31 May

The Squire is one of the most patient men who ever lived (sharing a life with me will do that for ya!) but even he has limits.

In order to get from our home to the thriving metropolis of Joppatowne, or almost anyplace else for that matter,  it is necessary to cross US Rt. 40, which is a very busy dual lane highway.  Traffic from the side street is allowed to cross for a short time first one direction and then the other. Then Rt. 40 runs, long enough to show short movies.

This morning, as The Squire was heading to church, the light was green for him to go as he approached the intersection. There were two cars in front of him, and they could have made it, but the woman in the front car was taking her own sweet time. By the time she had dawdled up to the highway they all missed the light. Not the end of the world, but she stopped so far from the corner that she didn’t trip the” switch”, so while the light turned green for the other side, the folks on this side had to sit through two circuits.

The fellow in the car in front of The Squire got out of his car and tapped on her window. “Lady, you have to pull up a bit or the light will never change.” She rolled down her window and told him, very bluntly, that she was on an important call, and he could do any number of impossible things.

To top it off, she was so far over that people wanting to turn left had to pull into on-coming traffic to get into the turn lane.

Some people really do need a good smack upside the head.

One Response to “Road Rage”

  1. Peg Wilson June 1, 2014 at 10:07 am #

    Okay this is so funny…”back seat” road rage. It is like slamming on your brakes from the passenger side.

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