Flying Squirrel

12 Jun

Squirrel at feeder

A squirrel just flew past my window.  Broad daylight, and definitely not your standard flying squirrel.

We have had a bird feeder outside our den window for years, which attracts all sorts of birds, and a fair number of squirrels, who are not the least bit deterred by the fact that they have to shimmy up a metal pole to reach the feeder.  We also get indigo buntings, cardinals, red breasted grosbeaks, titmice, chickadees, gold finches, and numerous other birds.

And there’s enough seed to go around.

Several weeks ago, The Squire purchased a cone-shaped squirrel guard (yeah, riiiight) and attached it to the pole.  The squirrels have learned exactly how far away from the pole they must be to jump right past the guard and reach the feeder.                                             pyramid 2

However, this morning was another kettle of fish entirely, as a small furry body whizzed past my line of vision and hit the feeder.   The little stinkers have started climbing a “pyramid” we use for vines, such as peas and string beans, and launching themselves through the air – about five feet – to land on the feeder.  When I went out to take this shot, there were three of them sitting on the cross pieces, like airplanes on the tarmac, waiting for take off.

For what it’s worth, that length of PVC pipe is where we put peanuts every morning. The squirrels are willing to go into the tube, but the blue jays are not. And all that tall stuff in the background is iris; the ground is far, far too wet to mow there. We have to wait until we have near drought conditions or the ground freezes to cut them down. The Squire says it would be easier to mow chocolate pudding.

The property is listed on the tax assessment as “marsh land”. The Rice Paddy; that’s us.


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