6 Aug

Eldest Daughter took me to Winterthur today to see the Downton Abbey costumes as a belated birthday treat.

We decided to have lunch first, and I had a Devonshire, cauliflower and Stilton bisque than was almost thick enough to spread on toast, and tasted heavenly! That and a veggie and fresh mozzarella wrap kept me going for the rest of the day.

The costumes truly are lovely, and for the most part, look much better on the actors and actresses than they do “in person”. I’ve never seen a single episode of the show, so she was explaining things to me as we went along. Between her explanations and my insistence upon reading every single sign (Oh, mother!) it took us a while, but it was worth it. Afterward, we toured part of the house; only one floor is open to the public because of a massive remodeling project, but what we did see was impressive. I simply cannot grasp the idea of living that way.

The guide said that the cleaning must be done by museum-trained professionals, although she had never actually seen any of them. “I think they come in like pixies and clean in the middle of the night.”  This made me chuckle, as we have a fellow at our church who refuses to use the ribbon bookmarks in the hymnals, because “they are never in the right place.” I once asked him if he thought we had a team of pixies who go through the church at night marking the books.

However, I digress.

A tram tour of the gardens, and then a decadent dessert and coffee topped off a wonderful day. I came home and took a nap!

Thank you, dear!

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