Rust Thou Art, To Rust Returneth

27 Aug

We had our bathtub refinished around the first of July, and I went off and purchased a new shower rod, curtain and liner. While I was at it, I also got a chrome caddy to hang over the shower head, to hold the shampoo, soap, and so forth.

I had to return it last week because it had already begun to rust.

Our water is very acidic (it once ate the innards of a Mr. Coffee) but I really expected the shower caddy to hold up, as it wasn’t the cheapest one I could find. I didn’t have the receipt, but the store took it back without any discussion, and put the money back on my charge card. Monday, we went to the Y, and I stopped in the Home Goods Store and selected another caddy. This time, I kept the receipt; I’ll probably be swapping out shower caddies for the rest of my life. (Before you ask, two different plumbers quoted us an outlandish amount of money for a system to remove the acid from the water. We don’t expect to live long enough to recoup the money involved.)

Many, many years ago, we purchased new faucets for the twin sinks in the bathroom. This was a brand new model, with a five year guarantee. Within six weeks, the acid had chewed up the cartridges, so we went back to the store to get new ones. Because the faucets had a five year warrantee, there were no cartridges available, so the store gave us entirely new faucets, which The Squire had to install. A bit of a mixed blessing. After three sets of new faucets, we asked to be given some of the older models, so we could at least replace the cartridges, rather than have to go through the bother of installing the entire business – twice, because we have two sinks in the bathroom.

Sometimes change is just change – not progress. Whatever happened to those little red rubber washers?

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