Shake, Rattle and Duck for Cover

26 Sep

When I was a kid, milk was not homogenized. Store milk came in “baby faced bottles”; the cream rose to the top, into the “baby’s” head, and could be poured off, if desired. Other then when I was away at school, we drank farm milk, which I was able to purchase until about fifteen years ago. To this day, I always turn the jug upside down before I pour out the milk, to mix in the cream.

Our family drink is a combination of 1/3 fruit juice and 2/3 diet ginger ale. The juice bottle always needs to be shaken, as the pulp sinks to the bottom.

Ginger ale does not need to be shaken.

2 Responses to “Shake, Rattle and Duck for Cover”

  1. Shay September 28, 2014 at 1:03 am #

    I feel your pain. One of my projects this weekend is getting all the gravy out of the Ralph Lauren knit top I was wearing when I thought the lid on the leftover Chinese Beef With Peapods was secure.

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