Lesser of Two Evils

4 Nov

The Squire and I trotted out this morning to vote, and were very pleasantly surprised at the turnout. Lots of cars on the parking lot, and even a few on the streets.  Most of the time, I’ve seen livelier morgues.

Several years ago there was a tremendous dust-up because most of the bond votes (borrowing money for schools, roads, etc.) were written in such obscure legalese people had no idea if they were voting yea or nay. The last couple of elections, these things have been written in plain English, so at least you know what you’re doing.

The governor’s race is a mess. One candidate presumably hired a bunch of political friends  to roll out the Affordable Care Act, and it was  bolloxed royally. Had to be redone nearly from scratch, cost the earth, and nobody was happy. The other candidate has an absolutely abysmal voting record.  He seems to have forgotten that Roe vs. Wade was settled decades ago, and is trying to make abortions almost impossible to get in this state. Mind you, I’m not in favor of them, but I don’t have to answer for it on Judgment Day, and what you do is your business and not mine.  This fellow has also voted to increase the amount of lead allowed in the paint of children’s toys, and I DO have a problem with that. And the list goes on.

Since the schools were closed, the Girl Scout Troop had a cookie stand in the lobby, so the day was not a total loss. At least I got a box of Caramel Delites out of the day.

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