19 Nov

Well, Friday I did something I have never done before in the nearly thirty years I have been a temp. I forgot an assignment. The site boss called here at 8:30, just as I was coming downstairs from bed, asking where I was. While The Squire fixed me an on-the-go breakfast, I got dressed in the first thing that fell out of the closet. I made it to work by 10:00.

Sunday night, I was so keyed up about getting to work on time that it seemed as if I barely slept so by the time I got home Monday evening I was ready to drop. Tuesday was just the way it was supposed to be; I slept well, had time for a decent breakfast and got to work with a few minutes to spare.

I have been the “permanent temp” switchboard at this medical supply manufacturer for about six or seven years, and I really like it. Nice, nice people – the cafeteria always has something interesting for vegetarians – but it’s a big place and it takes a while to figure out what calls go where, so they call me in, rather than try to train somebody else. They did want me for a week while I was in my cast, but since I couldn’t drive, they had the security guards take over the job. They take the board when I’m on breaks or at lunch, but they really can’t spare them for a whole day, never mind an entire week.

The only problem with working switchboards is that you can’t make the phone ring. Of course, sometimes you can’t make it stop, either, but mostly I sit there and get paid for reading a book.  Talking about boring! I can go through an entire though an entire mystery in a day, with time left over. The IT Department removed all the games from everyone’s computer, so I can’t even play Free Cell or Solitaire.

Someday, they’re going to have to wake me up so I can go home!

One Response to “Booor-ing!”

  1. Shay November 22, 2014 at 11:26 pm #

    Poop on ’em. Sneak in a tablet and play games anyway.

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