Let’s Not do That Again

12 Dec

I took Blazer up to get his nails trimmed last night, and it was not a rousing success, to put it mildly.

We got him in March, 2008, and he has never had his nails done. We tried it here at home once and he actually bit The Squire (first and only time) so we just let it go. I did ask at the vet’s one time when we boarded him, but they got things confused and gave him a bath instead. Or maybe they did try to cut his nails and decided a bath was safer. Who knows?

Anyway, the technician got one back paw done with “minimal” trouble, but ended up having to put a muzzle on him before she finished the second hind leg. He thrashed around dreadfully while she tried to do his front feet. Got one done, but when she started the other foot, he pulled away so suddenly – and forcefully – that he rammed her head and she bit her lip.

As soon as she removed the muzzle, he jumped down and laid in front of her to have his belly rubbed. “No hard feelings, lady, but keepa ya hands offa ma feet.”

Crazy animal.

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