A Cascade of Minor Frustrations

20 Jan

I have been digging into the four tubs my mother left which I believe contain photos. I emptied one, and spent Saturday and Sunday working on a second. I addressed envelopes to several descendants, plus an 8 x 10 envelope for pictures of my mom, my sister, and myself. (Did you see that beauty of me on the 15th?) It has gotten to the point that I recognize members of certain families without looking to see what’s written on the back.  Battle Fatigue has begun to set in, so I’m taking a few days “vacation” from this project.

Yesterday morning I took a stack of bulky envelopes to the Post Office, only to discover they were closed, as was the library. Rats, and back home.

I also had a cranial MRI scheduled for 2:00, so the Squire and I went late to the Y, and then stopped for lunch on the way to Bel Air. I have to be sedated just short of a general anesthetic for this test, so once it was over we came home and I slept off what amounted to a royal binge. I was still so groggy when I went to bed that I don’t remember The Squire coming in, nor do I remember getting up in the middle of the night and apparently opening the door to the TV room, so the dog slept most of the night on the love seat.

This, by the way, is a brand new behavior. Ever since we got him, Blazer has slept on a pillow in the hallway, but all of a sudden he has decided he has the seniority to sleep “up” and has even curled up beside The Squire while he watched TV. That has only happened once, and I don’t think there’ll be a recurrence.

There was a fire in a motel in a town up the road from us, and at least one family has been displaced, so various churches are collecting clothing, toiletries, and housewares to help fill in the blanks. It’s bad enough when four people are reduced to living in a single motel room, without adding the insult of loosing everything you own. I did find two dressers and a mattress and box spring on Freecycle, but none of it would fit in our SUV (oh! How we miss that van!) so I had to ask the fellow if he could hold the things until today, so I could arrange transport. Then at the last minute I had the wits to ask about the bed; it’s a queen, which these people cannot use. I really felt bad about it, so asked The Squire if it was OK for me to offer the man the loaf of onion-dill bread I had just baked, as a thank you for being to patient.

We stopped on the way home so I could buy yeast, as I had used the last of it in the loaf  I’d just made. Aldi’s didn’t have any – they claim it’s a “seasonal item” – so we had to go to another store,  and after I had measured everything into the bread machine, I discovered that the carton of cottage cheese I had on the top shelf was actually a serving of potatoes from a church supper on the 10th – not cottage cheese, and definitely not fit to eat. Too late to go out at buy more cheese, so it will all have to wait until tomorrow. We’ll have hot, fresh bread for lunch, at any rate.

Tomorrow may bring its own set of problems. I work as a temp for a large company in Sparks, and the regular switchboard operator sent me an email asking if I might possibly be available tomorrow, as she may have jury duty. She has my email and my home phone, but I have not heard from her, and I’m getting antsy.

And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.

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