A Very Nice Surprise

2 Feb

Back in 1983, The Squire and I made a phoenix banner for our parish.  (Back in September, I wrote about refurbishing it so we could carry it in the procession for our homicidal bishop.) About six weeks ago, it was removed from the spot in front of the side window where it had hung – and faded – for some 30-odd years, and was placed in the narthex.  The fire department decided that where it had been located was a fire hazard, and it had to be moved. The problem was that when the church doors were opened, the banner was behind the door and couldn’t be seen.

About four months ago, the rector started putting the entire service into a Power Point presentation, on the left hand side of the chancel wall, which is a big help for folks who are new to the church, or just have trouble juggling both a Prayer Book and a hymnal.  Yesterday morning, there was “my” banner, hanging on the right hand side! Fr. M announced that I had put a lot of work into it, and both hanging in front of the window or in the narthex it was half hidden, and this way it was in full view, and balanced out the Power Point.

Very nice, and I was quite touched by the gesture.

Thank you.

hung banner

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