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Still Digging

8 Mar

Well, in spite of some very, um, entertaining dreams, The Squire still hasn’t found his missing tapes.

He spent most of today entering family information from sheets his middle sister gathered at a family reunion several years ago, which he had picked up while we were visiting last week.  It is a wonder he has not pulled out what little hair he has left. As far as first names go, his family is as bad as French Royalty. Got a good name? Stick with it. He has at least twenty people named Alonzo, several in the same generation, where three siblings would each name a son after their father. Y’know, stuff like that’ll drive a genealogist bonkers.  Some people who filled out forms listed their parents, spouses and children as requested, and others listed only first names or nicknames, and one person, asked to list children and grandchildren only wrote “too many for this paper”. He has a cousin (or is it an uncle?) known only as Fat, and another is listed as Kissy.  And then there is a woman named Betty Elizabeth.  Who are these people?

Way back, when I worked for Blue Cross, I took a call from a fellow who was adding his infant son the his policy. His name was Francis J. and his wife was Frances M. The new baby? Francis T. “You named him Francis?” I asked weakly. “We named him after my father.”

What do these folks do when the phone rings?

Playing Hide and Seek

6 Mar

We got a call from the vet at 7:45 this morning, saying that we could come up and get Blazer any time we were ready. We went to the Y and worked out, then swung over to grab the dog, who was mighty glad to see us. The tech said the vet had decided to close the clinic yesterday because of the snow, rather than risk somebody falling on the parking lot, and she had come over about noon to feed the animals. I must have just missed her, as she remarked “somebody had walked up to the door”.

Before we left for vacation, The Squire had backed up both computers and put the hard drives in a “safe place”, so now, of course, he can’t find them. I told him yesterday (after listening to him moan and groan all day) that if he thought about it really hard before he went to bed, the answer would probably come to him in his sleep.

This morning, he said he had been on an ocean liner, and had given the hard drives to the ship’s purser. When he got ready to leave the ship, he had asked the captain – who happened to be Jean-Luc Pickard – for his tapes. The purser had jumped ship at the previous port and taken the tapes with him.

So much for that theory.

Me? I hide the family silver. Him? He hides his Family Tree records. Just makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Two Very Frustrated People

6 Mar

In spite of what it says, this was written Thursday evening, the 5th. If I don’t post it before 7 PM, it shows up as the next day.


After a lot of wobbling back and forth about the oncoming storm – should we stay or should we go – we left Winchester, Virginia about 6: 45 last night, with warm-ish weather and a steady rain. Not too hard, but steady. We made excellent time, getting back home a little after 9:30, and that included a trip to the grocery store for milk and eggs, plus topping off the gas tank.

Eddie was extremely glad to see us! He insisted upon sitting in each of our laps while we checked our email, and then tried to sleep with us, which is simply not allowed. I did not know a cat could make so many different sounds! He sat outside the door and cried from 10:00 until about 2:30. When I came back upstairs, he was on the bed, and stayed there all night. He followed The Squire down in the morning and actually sat on his lap while he ate breakfast.

When we woke up this morning at 7:30, it had just begun to snow. I called the vet to see about picking up the dog, and got a recording. OK, maybe they don’t open that early, so I just left the house at 9 and drove on up.

Nobody there, and the lot had not been plowed. I went on up to Bel Air and picked up 40 pounds of birdseed and a dozen blocks of suet and headed back down the road. The vet’s office was still not open.

To say I am distressed is an understatement. It is bad enough that Blazer is not being cared for (although I’m reasonably sure they must have automatic food and water dispensers, the dog can’t get outside to take care of business) but there must be other animals there who have had surgery or need some sort of attention, and they have also been abandoned. I sent an email to a friend who worked there before she moved to Chicago, to ask if she had any personal phone numbers to I could contact somebody at home, but haven’t heard back.

In the meantime, The Squire was doing battle with Comcast.  Over a week ago, he asked them to change us to  their “Triple Play” program, which includes TV, Internet and phone service for less than we are currently paying for just TV and Internet, and would eliminate the $40 we pay to Vonage for our phone line, which includes unlimited overseas calling. I don’t understand it, but apparently it would save us a considerable amount of money per month. Of course, we may end up paying that back out to cover The Squire’s nervous breakdown.

Instead of more TV channels, he has lost some of his favorites, and Comcast still has not managed to change over the phone line. Today the young lady to whom he spoke insisted it would be impossible to do this and allow us to keep the same number. Mind you, we were able to change from Ma Bell to Vonage without any problems, but Comcast is not able ( unwilling, more likely) to do this. We’ve had the same number since 1972, and it is an easy one to remember, with a nice rhythm to it.  He was on the line with them when I left to go get the dog, and was still on the line when I returned. He had been transferred five times, disconnected twice, and was about to completely explode when I got home.

Some young lady with a heavy accent called here in mid-afternoon, and said they would call us tomorrow to arrange to switch the phone number, but she still didn’t know if we cold keep the number. That may be the deal-breaker. We can always go with Vonage if Comcast can’t get their act together.


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Dragging Home

4 Mar

We visited several grave yards over the past week, looking for old tombstones. At one point I discovered I’d lost my cell phone, and The Squire had to keep calling it while I wandered around the cemetery with one ear to the ground. Fortunately, I had a pretty good idea where I’d dropped it; I’d bent over to take several close-up photos of one particular marker and I figured that was where it had fallen out. Ironically, I almost never carry my cell, much to my husband’s annoyance.

We’d lost some time due to the bad weather, so The Squire decided to leave Newport a day early to visit the library at Johnson City. I wasn’t very happy with this arrangement, but he has driven miles out of the way to take me to doll museums and waited while I’ve read every single label plenty of times, so off we went. Actually, the Johnson City genealogy section was just fabulous, and we both had a grand time, finding lots of information, so it was worth the trip.

The motel in Salem last night was not very nice – no heat in the bathroom or extra blankets – and The Squire decided to watch one of his science fiction shows. Agents of Shield, I think. I wasn’t very nice about it, I’m afraid. I don’t like science fiction, and I don’t enjoy violence, and I don’t like the volume turned as loud as it will go. My hearing is very sharp for someone my age, but The Squire’s CMT has caused the small bones in his ears to stop working properly, so he is very hard of hearing. At home, he uses the closed caption option, which is a live-safer ( and a marriage saver!) for both of us, but the TV at the motel didn’t have it.

We arrived at youngest daughter’s home before lunch, and will leave right after dinner. The weather reports are all different, but the general consensus is that we will have snow before morning, and we want to get ahead of it, if possible.


Weird Day

1 Mar

—Well, not really weird, I suppose. Just “ultra normal”.

We got pretty well packed last night, and left The Squire’s middle sister’s home in time for church at St. Andrew’s at 10:30. Not a soul  in sight at 10:15. Finally, the rector wandered out and apologized profusely for what was obviously not his fault. The city was doing some major repair work following several major snow storms in a row, and on Thursday had notified the church that they would be without power from 7:30 until noon. The church had sent out a shot-gun email to the parishioners that services would be at 12:30, but hadn’t put anything on the website. As it turned out, the power had just come on at 10:00. Bless him, Fr. Tim offered to do a Mass just for the two of us. A sort of private interview with God, and Rite I, to boot.

I don’t eat breakfast before communion, so I was famished, and since there was no coffee hour,  we found a nice little Chinese restaurant and had dinner before we headed over to Newport.

We knew that our friends had to leave at 3:00 to go to a Lady Vols game, but we have been here often enough that this is practically a second home. They headed off to their game and we went to visit The Squire’s youngest sister. She smokes non-stop and visiting with her is more of a chore than a pleasure, but we girded up our mental loins and headed off. As it turned out, she is quite ill – she thinks it’s pneumonia – but that didn’t stop her from trying twice to light up a cigarette in the five minutes we were there.

We left the poor girl to suffer in solitude and came “home” to wash our clothing and ourselves. I had changed wigs before we left the house, but I still had to strip down completely and wash my scalp, anyway. Blech.

I moved Jane’s laundry from the washer to the dryer, put in our clothing, took my shower, and The Squire and I are now eating fresh homemade black bean and rice chili while waiting for the laundry to finish up. I emptied the dishwasher, and just hope Jane can find where I stashed all the plates and cutlery!