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The Wisdom of a Child

13 Jul

One of our odder hobbies is to wander around in old graveyards. We don’t necessarily have to be looking for somebody, we just enjoy looking.

And often, we find something worth appreciating.

This photo was taken before Amanda turned five.  She is leaning against the very ornate tombstone, shaped to resemble a bed, of a little girl named Ruth, who died when she was the same age. We had noticed other markers for small children, and explained that kids died of things such as measles and chicken pox,  whooping cough and diphtheria (which we explained was a very sore throat), all of which can be prevented today by vaccines.

Amanda considered all this for a moment or two and then asked us to take a picture of her. “I’m going to put this on my mirror at home, to remind me that when Mummy takes me to the doctor’s for shots, it’s so I won’t die, too.”

Smarter than a lot of grown-ups.


Dragging Home

4 Mar

We visited several grave yards over the past week, looking for old tombstones. At one point I discovered I’d lost my cell phone, and The Squire had to keep calling it while I wandered around the cemetery with one ear to the ground. Fortunately, I had a pretty good idea where I’d dropped it; I’d bent over to take several close-up photos of one particular marker and I figured that was where it had fallen out. Ironically, I almost never carry my cell, much to my husband’s annoyance.

We’d lost some time due to the bad weather, so The Squire decided to leave Newport a day early to visit the library at Johnson City. I wasn’t very happy with this arrangement, but he has driven miles out of the way to take me to doll museums and waited while I’ve read every single label plenty of times, so off we went. Actually, the Johnson City genealogy section was just fabulous, and we both had a grand time, finding lots of information, so it was worth the trip.

The motel in Salem last night was not very nice – no heat in the bathroom or extra blankets – and The Squire decided to watch one of his science fiction shows. Agents of Shield, I think. I wasn’t very nice about it, I’m afraid. I don’t like science fiction, and I don’t enjoy violence, and I don’t like the volume turned as loud as it will go. My hearing is very sharp for someone my age, but The Squire’s CMT has caused the small bones in his ears to stop working properly, so he is very hard of hearing. At home, he uses the closed caption option, which is a live-safer ( and a marriage saver!) for both of us, but the TV at the motel didn’t have it.

We arrived at youngest daughter’s home before lunch, and will leave right after dinner. The weather reports are all different, but the general consensus is that we will have snow before morning, and we want to get ahead of it, if possible.