Wonderful Weekend

5 Apr

Long and tiring, but all in all, a grand weekend.

We had a very moving service on Maundy Thursday, with a foot-washing. This is something the rector started right after he got here, and it has grown in acceptance over the years. A classic Episcopal case of “we’ve never done that before”, so the first year was only three or four of us, but this year it was everybody but two ladies in the back of the church.

The noon Good Friday service was very well attended, I thought, but the Easter Vigil last night was pretty sparse, which was a shame. It’s a looong service, lots of incense, and no hymns. I adore incense, so I was in my glory. (I wore my new dress last night, and I still smell “churchy” today.) We had to open the church doors after the service, and the smoke pouring out almost made you wonder if the place was on fire.

An absolute mob in church today, which was nice. The treasurer is away, so The Squire had to do the counting by himself, which, as an auditor, he didn’t like to do, so he got another fellow to help him. Joe is also good with figures, and they managed to get today’s offering settled, but didn’t get to the other three services. He’ll tackle those tomorrow, I think.

We went to my younger nephew’s home for Easter dinner. Brian and Ruth, Karl and Angie, Ruth’s parents, my brother-in-law, plus the two of us, and four kids. (Each of the boys have two children.) Karl’s older daughter is the best argument for reincarnation I’ve ever met. The child is not quite five and speaks with a perfect London accent about 90% of the time.  She’s never heard anybody who talks that way – no idea where she got it.

I knew we were going to be late – Ruth had planned dinner for 1:00, and I told her I didn’t think we’d get there before 1:30. We left here in time to arrive at 1:15, but for reasons beyond knowing, they were doing roadwork on I-95. Three lanes down to two at 1:00 on Easter Sunday. Good grief! We did manage to skid into the drive at 1:25, which wasn’t too bad.

The best news is that we have found somebody at church who is willing to take over the monthly newsletter! I’ve been doing it since March, 1996, and had made it clear I wanted to resign as of March, 2016, which would have been twenty years. The new editor had been waffling about retiring from her job as a school teacher, and when this was offered to her she decided to do so, and devote her time to the newsletter. A classic case of “The truth shall make you free.” I am so glad to hand it over to somebody else, especially someone I think will do a really good job. It’s rather like marrying off a kid; it’s not your responsibility any more, but you want the best person to pick up the reins.

3 Responses to “Wonderful Weekend”

  1. Peg Wilson April 6, 2015 at 10:21 am #

    Glad you had a wonderful Easter…will miss you as ye Editor.

  2. Shay April 8, 2015 at 1:41 am #

    A classic Episcopal case of “we’ve never done that before”

    Cats are Episcopalians. who knew?

    • thisendoftheswamp April 8, 2015 at 8:10 pm #

      That’s funny! (I always thought they were Lutheran, myself.)

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