Don’t Ask

27 Apr

A sad faced man sat at the bar, staring into his beer. A big burly bloke came over and asked him what was wrong. When the man didn’t answer, the bloke picked up the man’s beer and drained it, while the man looked on, aghast.

“What?  You got a problem with that, buddy?”

“No. It’s just the way things have gone today,” the man replied. “My dog got run over this morning, which made me late for work.  My boss got mad and fired me. I collected my belongings, and when I got outside I found my car had been stolen. I had to take a taxi home, and my wife was in bed with another man, so I came to the bar to drown my sorrows.

“And now you come along and drink my poison.”

It’s been that sort of week. Just don’t ask. Maybe I’ll tell you about it later.

One Response to “Don’t Ask”

  1. Peg Wilson April 28, 2015 at 10:10 am #

    Well at least you still have a sense of humor about it. Prayers for whatever ails you.

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